A screen with an AI icon and an arrow pointing to a human icon, accompanying text says "Speak to a human".


Make it easy to get in touch with a real person, within the interface of the service. It should be made clear that the user will be connected to a real person, not an AI.

This pattern does not redirect someone to a webpage to see how to contact a person. The pattern connects the user to a person instantly, within their existing session.

For example, when speaking with an automated assistant, users should always have the option of speaking directly to a human.

IF thinks this pattern is becoming more important as more AI systems are used in complex decisions that impact people’s lives. Providing options that enable people to make a choice is also a more inclusive option.


  • Helps people get the help they need in real time.
  • Reduces the frustration of being “stuck” in an AI system loop.
  • Better supports vulnerable users with specific needs.


  • As AI systems improve, people may not believe that they are talking to another person (even when they are).


  • Peppercorn →

    Their Pipr chatbot lets users transfer to a person in session.

  • Flock →

    Flock, an insurance company, puts a button in the corner of each screen that lets pilots speak to someone about their insurance quote or other elements of the app.