A dialogue showing an AI system reporting "Unable to complete task" with an option for the user to takeover.


Give a person the ability to stop, remove, or snooze, an AI feature as they are using the service. This means that someone can take over from an automated service.

For example, if an automated tool runs into a roadblock, a human should be able to step in and complete the task manually

IF thinks this pattern will be increasingly needed as we see more AI systems in professional settings. For example, employers will need to use this pattern to help their employees retain skills and to stop “skills fade”.


  • Gives people control of AI systems.
  • Override can create a higher degree of trust in a system.
  • Allows people to complete a task when the AI does not work as intended
  • Reduces skills fade.


  • The point of takeover can create increased risk for the user or other people.
  • Users may need to be able to retrace steps to allow them to takeover before the point where a failure occurs.


  • Perplexity →

    Users can turn Perplexity’s Copilot on or off in their interface.

  • Pinterest →

    Pinners can turn off pin recommendations suggested by its AI system.

  • London Underground →

    Trains on some of the lines are operated automatically. If the automatic system fails, drivers can take manual control.

  • Apple Photos →

    Users can have the Photos app suggest certain people less frequently. This lets someone manage memories or featured photos on their own terms.