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Give people the ability to understand and retrace the provenance of AI generated content, or an AI model.

For example, being able to retrace the steps in an AI model’s training history to see how the model has changed over time.

IF thinks this pattern is useful when people are also given the ability to restore a previous version of a model. This may be most useful for professional users, who depend on models performing in a particular way.


  • Helps people understand how models change over time.
  • Helps explain why performance may have changed.
  • Helps people spot inaccuracies.
  • Supports people having greater control over the model version they are using.
  • Supports investigation of disputes.


  • Someone could revert to a model that had a poorer performance or safety issues, putting them at risk.
  • Some older AI models may not be compatible with other components in the current service.