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Given that AI is increasingly becoming part of how software is built, it is getting harder to say what is AI or not. However, we can help people become aware, and make a meaningful choice, when it is possible to copilot through a task or produce an outcome using an AI system.

For example, making a person aware at the point of use that an AI system can complete the rest of a task, by visually highlighting the availability of a suitable AI control.

IF thinks this pattern is becoming more important as organisations use more AI systems. The organisations will inevitably uncover the tacit user need involved in making different choices, depending on whether an AI is present or not, the kinds of task being performed and the perceived risk of automation.


  • Can provide an accessible entry point into more options to control or understand the AI system.


  • It is not yet clear which controls can be safely and usefully delivered by AI.
  • It can be easy for someone to accidentally trigger an AI action.


  • Github Copilot →

    It indicates when AI support is available, through the use of an icon. When the icon is selected the list of possible automated functions are made available, with further customisation.