Understanding and influencing decisions

Control the level of automation

A box for autofill settings with options for fully automated, suggesting and off.


Offer people the ability to control the levels of automation to help them build familiarity and trust with your product or service.

It can be useful to begin with a low level of automation, and progressively increase to higher levels of automation over time.

For example, you could change the level of automation on a tool from fully automated, to only suggesting, or you could turn it off.

IF thinks AI systems should be deployed with care and consideration of context and the people who may be impacted.


  • Reduces chance of AI systems being inappropriately used in highly sensitive use cases.


  • Requires alignment across internal and external stakeholders to understand risks.


  • Google Sheet's Autocomplete →

    Users have the ability to increase automation of autocomplete as more cells are infilled.

  • Interactive Investor →

    A stocks and shares platform that lets users select an automation investment function where stocks will automatically be purchased at regular time intervals and/ or prices.