An option to modify text with sub-options of "more casual" and "more professional".


See an AI generated output or value change in real-time, based on context specific and meaningful parameters.

For example, when receiving a response from a generative AI system, a user could adjust the tone of the results and instantly receive an adjusted output.

IF thinks this pattern could be used in many services. Not only services that provide text based outputs but also numerical or visual outputs too.


  • Fast.
  • Increases user’s agency, control and choice.
  • Helps people form more useful mental models of how a system makes a decision, so they are able to see any inequality or bias.


  • Could be gamed by people to create more discriminatory or hurtful outputs from an AI system.


  • Google Docs →

    Google provides a “Refine” option when using the AI writing feature.

  • Notion →

    Notion has an “Improve writing” feature.

  • TextFX →

    “Temperature” lets someone adjust the amount of creativity in an output.